Welcome to paul-jeffrey.com

Apparently everyone has a story to tell and enough musings for a book from within, is this true? Who am I to say.

A lot of things can and do happen to people, it often goes forgotten, only to be brought up and reminisced at random occassions, usually when befuddled and in an alchol induced stupor!

Sometimes I look back and wish that I had kept a journal or a diary over the years to capture and imortalise these events to be shared and laughed over in years to come. So many incidents over the years that induce tears of joy, laughter, happiness, sorrow and so many other emotions. Sir, there is a cat in your engine!! Do not fear for I am a life saver and I will rescue it!! A story for another time perhaps!!

So, here I am, a man with a complicated life and possibly some stories to tell. I will try and capture some of these ‘magic moments’ and share them with you here before they retreat into the murky recesses of my mind.

Welcome to Paul-Jeffrey.com
The ramblings of an idiot!

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2 Responses to Welcome to paul-jeffrey.com

  1. Debbie Starrs says:

    The ramblings of an idiot or the musings of a master?

    Ah, but there is so much that we, your loving sisters, could also share about you to an unsuspecting wider audience… like the time you redecorated you bedroom entirely in black paint… or the time you thought it a good idea to climb out of the toilet window and ended up with half the window embeded in your arms… oh, and where’s that photo of you with a mullet hair-do? How much is it worth to prevent it’s publication?

    I shall consult with my sibling and I’ll be back (as someone else once said).

  2. PJ says:

    Hahaha, there is so so much from the past that I wish I had captured on film, if you do have some of those magic moments captured Debs then feel free to send them to me.

    Blackmail isn’t an option 😉

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