Counting the days

I really am counting the days at the moment until the new treatment starts. I’m in a such a bad way at the moment, every patch of psoriasis is just sore and uncomfortable, having anything touching my skin is irritating and I’m shedding so much skin everywhere at the moment. I’m making a right mess everywhere I stand, sit, lie for any period of time. I guess it’s lucky I ended my career as a cat burglar years ago as I leave HUUUGE DNA trails everywhere I go!!

I feel really bad for Rochann as she seems to spend half her life hovering up after me. I really do feel guilty about it. It’s one of the real hardships of suffering with psoriasis, dealing with how it affects your relationship with your partner and the strain and stress that it can throw into the mix. She is an angel for putting up with the cracked unsightly skin, the restless nights where I only get a couple of hours of sleep and disturb her most the night, the bloodstained sheets, the constant flaking and mess. That’s love and dedication for you right there. Things would be so much harder than they already are if her attitude towards it was like the average reaction you get from people when they see it.

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2 Responses to Counting the days

  1. Rochann says:

    Well all I can say is I have tears in my eyes reading that. To just know you feel like this about me and all I do for you is great. I love you from the bottom of my cold black heart as you would say xxx

  2. Graham Stevenson says:

    All the best with the treatment. Hope it does you good and you one day finally get a restful, full nights sleep for once without digging out the hoover in the morning. My wife is very handy with the hoover around my side of the bed! Sounds like you have a loving, understanding partner. There can’t be many women that would put up with people with issues like us! Good luck with it all.

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