It’s all go on the Humira front, I have my start date 100% confirmed now.

The time line now for things to happen is as follows;

Fri 15th Oct – Final pre-course blood test
This is to ensure that I’m 100% healthy before I start on the Humira

Tue 19th Oct – Humira delivery date
This is the day that I take delivery of my Humira injection pens

Thu 21st Oct – Humira start date
On this day I get a home visit from a nurse who will load me up with the first dose. On this occasion I will have three injections and be taught how to self inject.

The only thing I’ve not mentioned there is that I need to check up that my blood test results are clear by Weds at the latest. I’ll obviously be praying that between now and then I don’t pick up anything that will put a hold on this and push back the start date.

Do you know it’s quite nerve wracking, these final few days before the start of the course. So much expectation, so much doubt, what if this doesn’t work, then what? I’ve been pinning my hopes on this treatment for years, I’m finally getting to start it, what next if it fails? What if I’m incompatible with it? What if it makes me seriously ill?

With all those doubts aside I’m still anxious to get started. My skin is terrible at the moment, I can’t sit down for more than a minute without leaving skin everywhere. It’s so embarrassing, I’m so self conscious of it. Not only that I am in constant pain and discomfort, wearing clothes is uncomfortable, moving around hurts, as I lie here in bed typing this out just having the Duvet on me is itching and sore, where my back is touching the sheets is irritating, my only respite is when I’m submerged in water.

Though even that has it’s down sides, as seemingly regardless of how much moisturizer I use after a bath my skin dries out and cracks even more, becomes flakier and even more uncomfortable. Though the drawbacks are worth it, just for that momentary break from discomfort.

Oh well, exactly a week to go until I start treatment so must think positively, especially as I’ve been waiting years to try this.

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