Humira – The first batch!

So, today is the day. The doorbell rings, I rush down the stairs and answer the door and am welcomed by a very smiley delivery man.

“Paul Jeffrey”, says he, “Yes, that’s me.” says I, “Nice JimJams” says he, “Ah!” says I, totally forgetting that I’m wearing Bat Fink pyjama bottoms! Awkward silence ensues!

He hands over the drugs, makes me sign a docket and then walks off chuckling to himself, leaving me on the doorstep over the moon!

So here it is, my first delivery of Humira including sharps box for my used needles.

Humira - The first batch

Humira - The first batch

The beginning is almost here, just two sleeps until I start on my course, and not a moment too soon if you ask me. I can’t wait, I really am over the moon.

The only downer is that the ‘drugs fridge’ that Rochann bought me is too small and the drugs don’t fit into it. Never mind, she is kindly going to take it back and swap it for a much larger wine chiller. Game on 🙂

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2 Responses to Humira – The first batch!

  1. Ivan Zidek says:

    Oh no!? Where will you put the wine, though!?

  2. PJ says:

    I’ll just have to drink it!! 🙂

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