Humira : Click > Ouch > Whoosh > done!

It’s done! The first injections have been administered, Humira treatment has officially started!

The Homecare nurse turned up very promptly and got down to business straight away, very efficient, but friendly too. She sat down and reassurred me as we went through the relevant paperwork. This was obviously to make sure I was who I said I was and that I had gone through various trials and tests, including signing over our first born child.

Once all the paperwork was taken care of it was onto the topic in hand, self harm by way of stabbing myself with a needle and administering some drugs! She broke out a test injector pen and ran me through the basics of that, how to open it, how to use it, how not to use it, where to stick it, where not to stick it, how to monitor the contents being pumped into my gut, when to pull out (ooeer!), who to contact in case of an emergency, how to train a dragon and finally how to dispose of the sharps correctly. With all the basics covered and a suitable area all picked out for the stabby bit, we both sat there, waiting, watching….

Now, I’m normally pretty game for trying anything out, but for some reason as soon as I had the injector pen in my hand and pushed up to a suitabley clear patch of skin I just didn’t want to press the button. It was a brief moment of hesitation, followed by a loud click, a sharp sensation in the gut followed by that feeling of liquid flowing into you in a place that it really shouldn’t, ie. not in a pub by way of opening mouth and pouring in vast quantities of alcholic beverages! After a brief moment of pain the pen-needle-jabby-thing gave out a little sigh, a quiet woosh, to say that it had finished doing the deed and that it was time to man up and get on with the next dosage on the other side of my belly. This was obviously a lot quicker and not so much of an unknown by virtue of the fact that I’d just done it on the other side of my expansive gut!

Click > Ouch > Whoosh > done!

Much easier second time around, to say the least. So double dose for me this week, another jab this time next week, and then on to the fortnightly program from there on. Just like that!

So in the meantime I’ve just got to keep an eye on my health and monitor my skin for changes. Roll on next weeks exciting injection!

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  1. Denise Lewis says:

    Well done it will get easier everytime – I hope you see some improvement soon x

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