Today Matthew I’m going to be….injected with Humira!!

Today is the day, it’s here, and not a moment too soon! The past few days/weeks/months have been murder with dry skin and itchiness reaching what feels like an all time low, I don’t remember it ever feeling as bad as this. Ever!

To make matters worse, probably down to the disjointed sleep pattern, I’ve been really grouchy and irritable, often being short with my partner and a bit snappy over the most trivial of things. I’m putting this down to the anxious anticipation and the lack of sleep with a helping of stressing about work chucked into the mix too.

On top of that I was supposed to be doing the Great South Run again this year with my sister, which is this Sunday. I’ve had to drop out due to the fact that I’ve not done any training in the past four months due to this latest psoriasis flare up making it unbearable. This in turn has had the knock on effect of me piling on the weight and being very unhappy about that. Great!

So all in all no wonder I’m a bit of a grouch at the moment. If my partner does ever read this then I am really sorry about my mood swings, I don’t mean to snap or throw back any of the support you’re giving me.

Anyway, only a few hours to go, just got to nip into the office for the morning, do some coding, be awesome, drink some coffee and before you know it it will be time to come home and meet the nurse!

For the first bout of injections they come to visit at home and show you what’s what. Game on!

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