It’s all in the mind

It’s odd. I’m just a couple of days in to my treatment and I’m feeling much better in myself. I feel a lot happier, a lot more relaxed, just generally more chilled.

It makes me wonder how much of the feeling down and snappiness was down to me stressing on starting Biologics. As mentioned before I’ve been through a lot to get to this stage and the past few weeks I’ve been very anxious about starting on them.

This was something that came up in discussion last night, sat out on the patio. Ever since I found out I was going on Biologics my Psoriasis got worse and worse, probably to the point where it’s the worst it’s ever been. It’s certainly food for thought and worth noting.

However, back to the positives, I’ve had a fairly good nights sleep and am feeling pretty good about myself this morning.

I’ve had a haircut, at the barbers, which as any Psoriasis sufferer will tell you isn’t always a positive experience. It used to take a lot of time to build up the courage to go and get it cut by someone. It’s something that you’re very self conscious of, so much so that I ended up buying clippers and either doing it myself or getting Rochann to cut it for me.

This time round, not a problem, the hairdresser even commented that my scalp wasn’t half as bad as the last time I’d been in there a month or so back. Lick finger, stick it in the air and swish, +1 to the self confidence.

What a great start to the weekend 🙂

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