Humira : Day 7

It’s exactly a week since the first two injections and things seem to be going well. There has been some improvement showing, the thick plaques of Psoriasis have thinned right out and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable. The thick plaques started to thin out three or four days after the initial double dose of Humira, which came as quite a surprise as I wasn’t really expecting to see any sort of improvement for a couple of weeks at least.

I’m feeling fine with no real side effects showing, apart from having an unquenchable thirst and a bit of an ongoing headache going on. I can live with that though, it’s nothing compared to the side effects that I used to get on other drugs, such as Methotrexate and Cyclosporine. If this is as bad as it gets then I can certainly live with that.

That said I’m not feeling great today, I feel like crap as it goes. I have a dicky stomach, a sore throat, starting to get a little bunged up and have a little bit of a temperature, all the hallmarks of that dreaded illness, Man Flu. I am a little surprised at this as I have just had my vaccinations. We will see how that pans out I suppose, it’s my day off today, which is typical, so I might just spend today all wrapped up, relaxing and chilling out.

I’ve just administered my third injection, which went very smoothly indeed, not fuss, no bothers, bish bosh job done! It still doesn’t feel quite right pushing that button knowing that it will inflict pain on myself, but it really isn’t that bad. Don’t tell the missus though as obviously I need to milk this for sympathy, even though that’s unlikely due to her cold black heart! Now that this third injection is out of the way I’m now on to a fortnightly schedule.

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