Man Flu, Take That, Aristo’s and Off Roaders!

Man flu has knocked me for six, was coughing so much I threw up twice this morning after a night of fevered sleep, disjointed dreams and sweat soaked Danger Mouse pyjamas! This morning I received plenty of sympathy from the missus, NOT, she was downstairs with the phone, my laptop and my bank card ordering up Take That tickets for her and her friend! There I was, practically bleeding out of my eyeballs, suffering from one of the worst, if not the worst condition known to man!

To make matters worse I’d booked two days off work to shift the contents of the Southsea garage to the new place in Waterlooville, I’ve spent those two days in bed feeling sorry for myself, great!

Yummy blinged up Strut Brace

MK1 Aristo Strut Brace

On a positive note the ‘Mad Max’ Aristo is so so close to completion, so much so that I’m hoping to get up to AFR in Horsham tomorrow to drop off some last odds and sods and see the progress for myself. My new fuel pump is in from the US so my fuel system can be completed and the car can be MOT’s and mapped. Check out my blinged up Strut Brace that was polished up by my mate Russ! Bling Bling!!!

I’ve also been utilising my time holed up in bed to browse eBay and bid on a little something to make myself feel much better! Fingers crossed that I win it! Only a few hours left to go on that front! I was going to post up a picture of it now, but that’s just tempting fate I reckon!

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One Response to Man Flu, Take That, Aristo’s and Off Roaders!

  1. PJ says:

    Boo, got outbid on the Off Roader at the last minute by what looks to be the sellers shill account. Ebay feedback profile feedback of 3, all left by the seller, not at all suspicious that eh!

    Never mind, I’m sure that it will come up for sale again soon, or that I might get a second chance offer. Know knows.

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