Mad Max Aristo

Today saw me cruising up to AFR Tuning ( in Horsham to drop off my freshly polished strut brace and a big shiny gearknob for my 6 speed.

I took a leisurely drive along the A272 which brought back some memories. I used to travel from Tunbridge Wells to Portsmouth via the A272 in the days before Sat Nav. This often included many failed attempts at short cuts and the like. Todays drive got me thinking of how much more fun travelling was before the days of the Sat Nav, you used to go off the beaten track so much more and discover new places inadvertantly.

Anyway enough of my rambling, here’s some pictures of the Aristo.

The strutbrace has just been offered up in the pictures to see how well it fits in with the anti-bling engine bay. I’m liking the look, unfortunately where the oil catch can has been mounted up the strutbrace now fouls it, gutted! That’s got to be moved now.

The Aeromotive fuel pump has landed and as you can see from the pictures is an absolute monster, it’s capable of flowing enough fuel to support 1000bhp. I’m really looking forward to seeing this hooked up to the huge swirl pot in the spare wheel well. It’s going to be impressive.

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