Humira : Day 21

It’s my forth Humira injection day today. I can say, hand on heart that this is certainly getting easier, though I can’t see pushing that pain administering button ever becoming pleasurable. The results so far are a different matter, they are most definitely pleasurable.

I’m finding that I am sleeping properly now, no restless nights and having to get in the bath at 4am to try and get some relief. No blood stained clothes or bed sheets. The amount of shedded skin has reduced to the lowest I can remember, with hardly any flaking to be hoovered up after me. I can now go places without leaving a trail of DNA in my wake. I can wear dark shirts again without fear of snowy shoulders. I’ve even had my hair cut really short again, grade 1 at the sides, thank you very much almost clear scalp. I can now shave all the grey off without worrying about exposing a scabby head to all and sundry. Now all I need is something to sort out the thinning patches on the top and I’m laughing 🙂

My quality of life is improving no end and it’s all down to these injections. I’m experiencing next to no side effects too. I’m just waiting for some down side to rear it’s ugly head, but no, nothing, not a sausage, not a hint or a whisper, so far…..can it really continue like this? One can only hope.

I’m so impressed with the way that my psoriasis is progressing. It really is something, even though the pictures for some reason doesn’t do it any justice.

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