Itchy feet!

I’m getting itchy feet! When it comes to cars I am a total nightmare, but those of you that know me will know this. I go through a remarkable number of cars, usually not keeping one for more than six months or so. Well the threat of a bad winter and the craving to drive something different without worrying about the back end stepping out or grounding it out is becoming overwhelming!

I quite fancy a Toyota Caldina GT-T or even a newer Caldina GT-Four as something a little different, still turbo charged, still good power figures, but 4 wheel drive to boot. They are a Japanese version of the Celica GT-4, but in an estate version, something a little different and unknown to most. Though picking one of these up in the UK would be next to impossible, I’d probably have to import one myself.

I should have my MK1 Aristo back soon, which should help me decide what I want to do with my MK2 Aristo. As much as I’d love to keep both Aristo’s I just don’t think I can justify it, especially as both will be useless if it snows again this year. I almost had to abandon the MK2 last year and when I finally did get it home I locked it away in the garage until the snow cleared. Blooming typical, I sell my 4.6 V8 Range Rover and a month or so later we get hit with the worst snow in years. You watch, I’ll be prepared this year and buy a 4×4 and there won’t be a hint of snow!

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