Virgin Media – Connoisseur’s of customer service….

I’ve been sent a feedback form from Virgin Media about my recent communications with them. I’ve not been at all happy with them at all due to being misled on price and not having any bloody internet speed, being told that we’ve been capped on numerous occasions when in fact it was an installation fault.

Hi Paul Jeffrey,

Thanks for getting in touch with our team recently about your Virgin Media service. We hope things are now sorted out for you. In fact, that’s what we’re writing about. At Virgin Media, we want to make sure we give you the best customer service out there. So we’d really like to find out how things went for you when we dealt with your issue.

We’ve put together a few quick questions about how things went, and we’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to let us know your thoughts. It shouldn’t take longer than around one minute to complete. By finding out exactly how things went for you, we’ll be able to understand the things we’re getting right, and if there’s anything you’d like us to do better. And we promise to use your feedback to make improvements where we can.

Here’s what I fired back at them after voting 0 out of 10 for satisfaction, and 0 out of 10 likelyhood of recommending them to anyone else, I wonder why!

Why have I rated your service so low? Where to start.

I’ve been misled with products and ended up being massively out of pocket due to promised deals that didn’t exist and monthly bills being over £60 more each month than I was led to believe that they would be. But hey, a £30 gesture of goodwill more than makes up for the £150 or so I’ve been overcharged, thanks for that, not at all a case of adding insult to injury.

Then we could go on to talk about the problems with the signal into the property that have been discussed with your Helpless staff in India, that should read Helpdesk but I fear that would be insulting to anyone who works on a real one.

I phone up to discuss the speed issues that we are experiencing to be informed that we have been capped due to downloading too much. Yes, I am sure that’s possible with less than 1MB speeds that we had been experiencing. I asked for a breakdown of the usage so that I could investigate what was going on, I thought perhaps there could be a breach in our wifi security. I waited and waited and waited for promised call backs, emails and reports and what did I get, nothing, not a sausage.

So after a few calls to your offshore call centre’s and being taken through various scripts by people that don’t seem to know the first thing about networking and being fobbed off with yet more accusations of being capped for using too much I phone through to another department to disconnect my services.

The chap that I deal with was most useful, perhaps he should be looking for employment with another company soon as he seems to exceed your usual customer service levels dramatically. After requesting to leave I am basically told that I will get charged a cancellation fee for breaking the contract, that’s rich I thought given the service I’ve received under that contract! Anyway I digress, he then said he’s sure that he can get my issues rectified, I was shocked, someone taking ownership of the fact that I am trying to report a problem, this can’t be true! We go through a few of my issues, he can find no record of the deals I was apparently sold, what a surprise, I must have made them up. He can find no record of our internet usage being capped either, what a surprise, it looks like we’ve been lied to by your off shore teams so that they don’t have to look at the real issues. He puts me on hold and goes off to run some checks, not 5 minutes later he comes back informing us that there is a problem with our signal strength, remarkable, something that we brought up in one of our numerous calls to your offshore teams.

He gets an engineer out to us that very afternoon who confirmed that we did indeed have signal strength issues, he even commented that he was surprised that we could get on the net at all. He went off to the exchange, did some tweaking and came back and everything currently seems to be a lot better. We’ve even received another router through the post to swap out the other one with just to be 100% sure.

So this has made some headway in placating us, though if we could leave without being penalized and having to fight a battle to cancel you can rest assured that Sky would have one more customer as of now. As it stands currently, now that service has been resumed, we will be seeing out the contract and then terminating it as soon as it has finished unless further issues arise, which no doubt they will.

Your sincerely
Paul Jeffrey

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