The life and times….

It’s been over a month since my last Humira update so I guess that we are long over due one. Things have been so hectic of late I’ve barely had time to blink let alone get online.

Work has been manic, but we’ve had some exciting break throughs with some things so there so light is at the end of the tunnel! Onwards and upwards, though I am getting nagged at for always being in the ‘bloody office’, coupled with ‘why is it always you that ends up working late?’

Home life has been just as mental too, what with Christmas just around the corner, Rochann being down with Swine Flu, Josh getting in major trouble at school which has resulted in trips in to see the headmistress, the boiler packing up, no water, the cold and snow, ups and downs with Club Aristo and general idiocy surrounding it, it’s certainly been a roller coaster ride of late!

Now usually when the stress keeps coming the Psoriasis gets really bad and compounds all my problems into a really nasty flare up. Not so this time around it seems, the Humira is most definitely keeping it in check and is keeping that aspect of my life trouble free, which is a blessing seeing as pretty much everything else is conspiring against me!

I went in to the hospital last week for a basic check up and to see how I am progressing on the treatment and it was almost like one of those dodgy TV makeover shows. We started off with a chat about how it was going and how I’m feeling about it and I retook my tests, the one where they check my coverage and the one about my quality of life. What can I say, the results of these tests showed a huge improvement.

When I had to strip it was that moment from the makeover shows, with the “reveal”. For the first time in a very long time I was excited about getting my kit off in front of someone and showing off my ‘new skin’. The turn around over the course of 12 weeks has been utterly phenomenal!

Ali the Bionurse was very impressed with the results and very happy for me and the fact that this treatment is improving my life no end. We went through the side effects I’ve been suffering with which are still limited to dry mouth, sore/tired eyes and frequent headaches. I also mentioned weight gain as I’ve really been piling it on of late. This in itself is probably not a true side effect of the drug, but more a side effect of being happy! I can’t argue with that!

I’ll get some new pictures up next Thursday, which is injection 7 day.

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  1. Heather Jeffrey says:

    Looking forward to seeing this improvement with my own eyes! See you at Deborah’s on Tuesday…
    Love, Heathxx

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