First update for a long time!

It is time for an update as it’s been far too long since my last ramblings on the matter of my psoriasis.

As it stands this morning I currently have three or four psoriasis plaques on the whole of my body that are still a bit visible and causing a little bit of discomfort. Each of those patches no larger than a few cm’s. These areas will be getting some additional treatment with some trimovate cream to try and get them into line with the rest of my body, which is now pretty much clear!

I still have some psoriasis under my finger and toe nails and in my ears still, but those extremities take longer to clear up anyway so I’m not overly concerned about the progress there as I can see it improving too, albeit slower than everywhere else.

The reason my updates have all but dried up is to do with the fact that currently there’s not much to report on truth be known. No side effects to speak of really, apart from weight gain, which is probably more down to me than the drugs. Blood tests and hospital appointments are down to a minimum, my latest test scores have gone from extreme down to barely noticeable, with the affect on my lifestyle score down to 1 from what was pretty much the maximum score!!

For the first time in 15 years I seldom even think about my skin or worry about any of the problems it used to cause me and the rest of my family. I don’t worry about what colour my shirt is or if my shoulders are covered in flakes any more and feel confident and happy to go to the barbers for a haircut. I’ve managed to clean shave for the first time in years as I no longer have to worry about both covering up tge psoriasis on my face or aggravating it by shaving. I don’t worry about the area around my desk in the office being caked in skin particles which were particularly noticeable in the past due to the blue carpet. I no longer suffer additional humiliation as the cleaners don’t now pay special attention to it as they had previously been instructed to. Likewise at home, the house is less dusty than it ever was, the sheets don’t have to get changed daily due to my skin splitting and bleeding every night.

Hopefully, without the risk of jinxing it, all is golden currently!

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