In the summertime!



The past couple of days have been scorching down south, it’s been lovely and it’s set to look to stay that way for a few days yet.

In my mind there is something very special about the first few days of summer sun in the UK, isn’t there? You go into shops and find that the shelves are all but cleared out of alcohol, soft drinks and anything even slightly BBQ related.

Out on the streets and town centres you find that there is a lot more flesh on show and that there suddenly appears to be many many fit ladies out and about. Maybe they were always there, but just so covered up you wouldn’t notice them or maybe they just hibernate in winter months and only appear in the summer months, designed purely to make you remember that you are indeed alive!

There will be lots of blotchy red and seriously sunburnt Brits wandering the streets and making you wince and think inside, ‘oooh that’s going to hurt’ and wonder to yourself why do these people not learn, then you go on to do the same thing yourself, doh! There will be over inflated sun cream prices, possibly a reason for the above, sunglasses sales will go through the roof, I must buy some myself as it goes.

As with everything there are downsides to this, shorts will be ‘de rigueur’ in the office with people showing off legs that really should be left covered, people carrying too much weight will be letting it all hang out, body odour and personal hygiene issues will make themselves known to all, great!!

Summer tunes will come out with a vengeance and moods will generally lighten, and on that note I will leave you to enjoy! – Steal my sunshine

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