Bank Holiday Bonanza

April 2011 in the UK has been an interesting month. We’ve had some fantastic weather and a host of bank holidays thrown into the mix. Seemingly one after the other, just like busses, you don’t see one for ages then three come at once!!

Last weekend was utterly fantastic with most of my time spent sorting out the garden and drinking in the hot tub with my wonderful lady and some good friends. It did however highlight my woeful lack of BBQ’ing equipment, something I really must remedy in the not too distant future! The weekend actually felt like a proper holiday, I actually had some proper downtime and did actually manage to relax, chill and enjoy myself for a change.

Today’s bank holiday is down to the Royal Wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot today. A day when royalists come out of the woodwork and hypocrites celebrate at street parties around the UK. A day for certain parties to reinforce their hatred of the English by doing nothing but moaning about it and complaining about the years of oppression and suffering of their forefathers, whilst more than happy to soak up the free prescriptions, dental care, university education and everything else funded by central government, aka the English taxpayers, all of which the English don’t receive themselves. Some people are so blinkered and bigoted, am I one of them, possibly! Anyway, I’m rambling again, so easy done especially on such an emotive subject.

Good luck to the Royal couple, I hope that they enjoy their magical moment on the centre of the world stage. Getting married is hard enough without the world watching so I can just imagine the nerves and butterflies that are going on right now!

It leaves me to try and enjoy a day off, though I’ve got far too much work to he getting on with as it is! I may get some more of the mundane tasks I need to sort out at home done, or I may take a leaf out of someone else’s book and sit on my arse doing nothing all day. There’s a lot of that surrounding my life at the moment which is unfortunate as it just serves to create resentment and bitterness. People don’t change.

And on that note I bid you a fond farewell, I’m off to enjoy myself and possibly, quite possibly, drink too much!

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