Psoriasis update

Well it’s been roughly three months since my last post on my life with Humira and it’s been pretty uneventful to be honest. The Psoriasis has all but gone, I have a patch on one elbow, one beneath my belly button (where my belt buckle rubs no doubt), a large patch top of my butt crack for want of a better description of that area and one on my right side. All of which are gradually fading to nothingness. I’ve started using some Dovabet to try to get them under control.

The Psoriasis under my finger and toenails is pretty much gone and they are now returning to a normal shape and thickness. I can now use normal clippers to trim and keep them tidy.

My ears, inside and behind, are now clear too. This us fantastic as I can keep them clean with ease, no crusty patches that I make bleed any more and can probably hear a bit better too as they used to be really badly affected with Psoriasis.

Relations with the missus have improved no end as she now doesn’t have cause to moan at me for leaving trails of skin everywhere, ruining sheets and clothes by bleeding on them everyday and all the other joys that chronic Psoriasis can inflict on your home life.

I’ve not really had any side effects at all that I can think of, unlike previous drugs like MTX that knocked me for six. I’ve had a couple of problems with breaking blood vessels in injection sites and creating monstrous bruises across my belly.

I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to have Humira, it gives me happiness and hope for the future.

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