2 weeks in

Given how bad I’ve let myself get I’m probably the worst person to give  motivation tips, but meh, I’m going to anyway!

What I find helps me with motivation is a couple of iPhone apps that allow me to  keep track of my progress with a realistic target, being an IT bod  graphs/stats make a big difference for me! Being able to track your  progress and visualize it helps me out no end.

I use a weight recording app called Target Weight to keep track of what  is going on there. This is a freebie app and is pretty good, it does  everything I need it to. Here are some screenshots of that.

Target Weight AppTarget Weight App

Target Weight AppTarget Weight App

On the running/exercise side of things I use a paid app called  runkeeper, there is a free version of it which is bloody good, but I  ended up going for the paid version as I think it’s so good.

When I was training for the Great South 2009 I had a definite goal, I  needed to be able to run non stop for ten miles, which I managed to do  without stopping, just!! My training plan built me up to being able to cover 9 miles a week prior  to the event, this was relying on the crowd to carry me along for the  last mile. The cheering helps no end, if you write your name on the  front of your shirt that helps no end as everyone shouts and cheers your  name all the way along the route, cheers of ‘come on Paul’ ‘keep it up  Paul’ don’t half help when your body is screaming at you to stop!!

This was the GPS tracking for that event that I did with Runkeeper PJ’s Great South Run 2009

If you follow the route with your mouse over the plotted lines it runs  along the graph at the bottom showing you your speed and altitude, which  is a feature that I love. It provides you with your split times too, as  well as obviously tracking you via GPS.

There are loads of good training plans to follow online, I started of  with a ‘from sofa to 10k’ training plan which helped me work out and  plan my running regime, rest days and the like.

So, on to my current progress, after week one completed and I’d dropped 2.7kg or if you like 6lbs (almost 1/2 a stone), which is a great start. I’ve also broken the 2 mile mark in my 30 minute window and my stamina is improving, it’s still crap but that’s to be expected this early on.

Week 1 Stats

At the end of week 2 I’d lost a total of 4.6kg lost over the 14 days.

Week 2 Stats

I’ve started on a structured training plan now too, c25k.com’s treadmill plan to take you from couch to 5k in 9 weeks. This morning I completed week 1 session 2. Good stuff.

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