Still plugging away

39 days in and I’ve completed week 4 of the treadmill training plan for the 2nd time as I didn’t complete the intervals in the first week properly. I have a feeling week 5 of the training plan is going to be a bitch!! I’ll post it up later when I’m not on my phone.

I’m still very happy with progress, even though I have an umbilical hernia which has meant I’ve got to ease up a bit until I go in for surgery.

I definitely feel much better in myself for this, I was well over 20 stone 6 weeks ago and now I’m 18 1/2 stone and still losing weight.

I’ve still got 5 days to drop another 3.2kg, which although possible, is going to be really hard work, more so now I’ve got a hernia, and quite probably unlikely. In real terms though I’ve had that hernia for at least three months, but I’ve aggravated it of late.

I’m very proud of the fact that I’ve lost a stone and a half in 6 weeks, 9.8kg lost so far to be precise. To be honest it’s not really been that difficult either, it’s just a case of being disciplined and getting into a bit of a routine. The hardest part is getting through the mental blocks, someone once told me running is more about being mentally fit rather than physically fit which at the time I thought was bollocks, though as the weeks have passed I’m more inclined to believe them.

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