6 weeks training and I’m still alive!!

Well here we are, 42 days or, if you like, six weeks in to my weight loss and fitness program. I’m not dead yet (though I may have come close to it a few times in the past six weeks), in fact you could go as far to say that I’m feeling good. I’m experiencing quite a smug sense of achievement and satisfaction, you could almost go as far as saying a feeling of pride in what I’ve accomplished so far. In the past six weeks there has been a lot of sweat, a mild amount of pain, quite a lot of aching and a fair amount of weight loss going on in the back room of my garage.

It felt good receiving some positive comments from a few people at the LMM meet on Sunday. Since I’ve not seen a lot of club members since the big HJC meet at WMH, so the difference is quite noticeable to them I suppose. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy, definitely a boost to the moral and very motivational too.

There was a bit of an ulterior motive to doing all of this too that I’ve not really gone into in any detail about publicly. As a few of you know, a year or so back I was put onto a drug called Humira to sort out my server Psoriasis which has dramatically improved my quality of living. However, there was a bit of a side effect to being happy and comfortable in my skin and in my life. In that first year of being on the drug I put on a whopping 3 stone in weight and ended up tipping the scales at a huge 21 stone 4lbs at the worst point, the heaviest I have ever been in my life, I was gob smacked at that weight and ashamedly so.

When I went in for a progress check up they were very concerned that putting me on the drug had caused the weight gain and in effect dramatically shortened my lifespan, I was 20 stone 7 lbs at that weigh in. In essence I had to shape up or ship out, if I didn’t loose some weight by my next appointment (on Wednesday 12th Oct) then they would be taking me off this miracle drug that I had to fight for five years to get on. There was no way on earth that I was going to let that happen, all the pain and suffering I went through for more than ten years was not going to be allowed to happen again down to the fact that I’d become a tubby fooker. Yes the drugs do generally make me very lethargic and I have little to no energy, but this was something way too important to me to let that get in the way.

The result of this renewed vigour for training and eating healthily is a drop of well over a stone more than they wanted me to loose so I should fly through my check up on Wednesday. I am over 2 stone lighter than when I was weighed at my last appointment, if I had started training straight after the appointment then I could have achieved so much more.

So here it it, I’ve lost a grand total of 23lbs in those 6 weeks, or 10.45kg, or 1.6 stone, all in just 42 days.

My weight loss stats over 6 weeks

Target Weight Stats

In 2 days time, after my appointment, I’m going to set myself a new goal to be achieved by December and keep on top of this, manage my weight and diet better and keep motivated.



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  1. Ivan Jordan says:

    Dude, that is a great achievement. May I add a tip that I have picked up from cycling: get a heart rate monitor (if you haven’t already) and use it well. They are very effective. Most people train at too high a heart rate. Caning it all the time is counter productive as it puts your body into repair mode rather than “build a fitter body” mode. As you may well know, fat burn zone is around 65% of max heart rate, which is quite difficult to maintain as it doesn’t always feel hard enough! Also, eat an apple 20mins before you train, provides brain energy so you don’t start burning protein. That way your perspiration won’t smell of ammonia. Nice.

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