Humira progress review

Well D-Day has been and gone, I’ve been back into hospital for my Psoriasis/Humira review and all is golden. They have now checked how my progress is going with the Humira and if I had lost some of that weight that I’d gained over the past year as this was a massive cause for concern, so much so that I may have had to come off the treatment. The consultant was very concerned that the treatment was reducing my life span by causing the weight gain. As you may know from reading the blog I have been working very hard on losing weight and getting back to fitness and that hard work paid off.

The Bio-nurse was really impressed with the amount that I had lost since my last appointment (11kg’s in total) and could see how happy I was about it too. The specialist also commented on how much I looked like a changed man which was great. Something that looks to be having an impact on my skin as well. It’s the best that it has been in 15 years of suffering with Psoriasis, I am pretty much clear, you can hardly tell that I have Psoriasis, if you never knew I had it then I doubt you could tell at all. It really is remarkable how much this treatment has changed my life for the better, and I have to say that I do feel a little guilty now about taking it for granted and feel sorry for those that are unable to get on the treatment.

So the initial weight challenge is now over, but there are concerns on my upcoming Hernia operation due to being on Humira. Obviously with a compromised immune system the chances of infection are high and my recovery time could well be stretched out a bit as a result. Ideally I would have been weaned off the Humira before the operation, but sadly there doesn’t appear to be time for that.

I have a pre-op assessment this afternoon to go through a few things and mainly discuss the operation on how I’m going to be monitored after it, go through the full details, whether it will be keyhole surgery or if they are going to slice me open or not. I’m pushing for keyhole as slicing me open I’m going to stand a very high chance of picking something up. I’ll find out soon enough I guess.

Even though the weight loss target has been and gone I’ve set a new one now. I have set a target of getting down to 110kg by my next appointment, which is on the 16th January 2012, so 93 days away as of today. Though that sounds like a lot I’m going to not be complacent about it. Especially as I’m going to be out of actions for possibly 2-4 weeks as a result of the hernia operation.

Time will tell I guess, but for now I’m very happy.

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