Humira : One year in

Today is the first anniversary of my love affair with Humira. It’s been exactly one year to the day since my first encounter with this little beauty, a year ago today we first met and shared a moment.

It’s amazing to think that I’ve only been injecting this drug for a year. The suffering that was a daily onslaught all but forgotten. The Psoriasis is long gone and has faded into distant memory like some sort of bad dream.

I have to keep looking back at pictures to remind myself of the pain, embarrassment and suffering that Psoriasis used to cause me. 15 years of suffering banished into the murky recesses of my mind in a relatively short stretch of time is quite unimaginable, but has indeed happened.

I’m so glad that I fought hard to get put onto biologic treatment and didn’t give up or accept one doctors opinion, it has truly changed my life around. A battle that was well worth fighting regardless of how impossible it seemed at the time.

My skin is all but clear, the only sign of the dreaded P is now just some faint discolouring where the worst patches of scale were. My quality of life is at an all time high, I am happy in both mind and body for the first time in over a decade.

It really is a success story.

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