Exposed – Psoriasis documentary

Exposed is a must see video for anyone who knows a psoriasis sufferer. I myself have suffered in silence for years, this video covers all the feelings that I also went through. It’s 30 minutes long, but please do take the time to watch it.

It’s not often the emotional side of things is taken into consideration as that is one of the worst parts of being a sufferer of chronic plaque psoriasis. The looks you get from people and the feeling inside of utter shame and embarrassment caused by them, the whispered comments behind your back, the ever increasing paranoia that eats away at you until you do snap or succumb.

I went the opposite way with my psoriasis after years of shame, I decided to stick two fingers up at everyone and wear shorts, wear T-shirts, expose my rotting corpse for all to gawk at and mutter silently to each other. I decided I would use all that scale as a toughened outer shell, regardless of the pain inside.

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