A new car club, forum and blog

I thought that I’d start a new club website soon, something along the lines of a motoring based blog with a forum attached to it. Though I’m a bit unsure of content at the moment, maybe I could just leach images and articles from everywhere else that suits my needs and publish them on my site, that would be cool and fresh, word…

Once I’ve got the basics in place I could then go about populating it in a slightly underhand manner through word of mouth, perhaps accompanied with cheeky private messages and emails to members of  other long established clubs I’m a member of. That’d be a good step forward, but to make it more effective I could then try and stir unrest at aforementioned clubs in an effort to make mine more popular. Whilst doing that obviously blame all of this unrest I’ve created on someone else at the aforementioned clubs. Hell yeah, Winning!!


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