A week into recovery

Well it’s roughly a week since my hernia operation and I appear to be healing up quite nicely, though I still need to take it very easy for a few more weeks.

The first few days after the op were very painful unless I remained motionless in bed. It took two days to be able to get down the stairs, and even that was a massive chore. Lying down and getting back up was very difficult and very painful. In fact most things for the first couple of days were very difficult and very painful. It is amazing how much you use your stomach muscles to do anything at all, even the slightest of movement seems to use them, of that I became very aware.

Day three things started to become a little easier, but still painful. I could get down the stairs in under ten minutes and shuffle into the lounge. Shuffling has replaced walking at this moment in time, walking is painful. Sitting down on the sofa and getting back up requires assistance, but at least I’m no longer flat out on the bed.

During those first few days I’ve felt utterly useless and miserable/depressed to say the least. I’ve not been able to do much for myself and far worse than that is I’m not able to pick up my daughter Ellie, or have her sat on my lap which is quite heartbreaking.

It’s not until day five that I can manage going to the toilet properly so to speak, it was painful, but nice not to see any blood. It was a joy to finally be able to relieve myself properly. Sorry for the graphic image, but I was a good kg lighter after too!!

Days six has me feeling a lot better and quite a bit more mobile, a gentle stroll to the shops is in order, which while taking it out of me was much needed as I was going stir crazy being stuck in the house. Painkillers ran out on day six too, which made me realize how much they had been working to my benefit and canceling a lot of the pain.

So a week after the op, I went to see the GP (yesterday) to get the wound checked out and dressings changed. He was happy with the progress and the way that the stitches were doing there job. He gave me some more painkillers and some strict instructions on my well being.

He was talking about signing me off work for another week at this stage, but I’m not so sure about that as I’m bored out of my mind already after just one week, another two weeks off could finish me off!!

I’m not allowed to do anything strenuous for another two to three weeks minimum, he is recommending six weeks though to err on the side of caution. So no more running for quite a while, at least a month out, but I can start gentle walks, which must be gentle!!

This obviously has knocked my training plan way off target and I will have to start the c25k.com training plan from scratch in a months time. This is worrying for my weight loss plan, it’s something I’m going to have to start being really strict about. My weight has stabilized back at 116.9 as had shot back up to 120.4 just prior to the operation, some comfort eating going on there for sure!

I definitely need to stay focused and not let the diet and weight slip again, while pizza was nice and junk food has been the easy option I need to keep on track. Back to protein shakes for breakfast and lunch now after a week off them I think.

Another downside is that I’ve been off the Humira for a little while now and some psoriasis patches have spring back up on my face, great, just what I need. I’ll have to phone Ali the bio nurse to find out when I can start the injections again.

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