100 days and counting!

Well today sees me exactly 100 days into the whole weight loss regime and I have to say its going relatively well. I’ve lost 30lbs in weight, or just over two stone in old money (13.6kg). That averages out as 1kg per week roughly, though as I was laid up for nearly four weeks it is somewhat skewed.

I’ve not had to endure ‘Fat Fighters’, ‘Weight Watchers’ or any of those pay to be ritually humiliated once a week type ‘motivational’ places. I’ve done this the non-fad way with sensible eating and exercise, who would have thought it eh!! It’s cost me nothing at all to do, no point counting, no buying branded meals, no brainwashing and no humiliation!!

It’s not even been difficult, with the right tools to do the job it’s been pretty easy to stay motivated. Having an iPhone has enabled me access to wonderful apps like Runkeeper, Twitter and Target Weight. These have helped me remain focused on my goals.

Twitter seems the odd one out on the list doesn’t it, well it’s simple really, whenever I complete an exercise with Runkeeper it posts to Twitter automagically, when it does all sorts of motivational magic happens.

There is an bot called WorldRankin, for want of a better description, that scans for all automated Runkeeper tweets every few minutes and collates some stats from them all and updates you with your ‘World Rank’ based on distances covered. This is reset on a month by month basis. All very nifty and clever I must say and it helps with the motivation for sure.

Currently got a target set to lose another 5kg by mid January, which is entirely possible, even with Christmas in the way, I’ve just got to make sure that I stay away from the mince pies and chocs and stay focused on my goal. It would be fantastic to start 2012 under 18 stone and with Runkeeper and Target Weight, along with Twitter to motivate me I’m sure I will achieve this!

Roll on 2012!

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