D-Day is here – literally – D-Day 10k race day

Really happy with today’s 10k event, my first ever. I got round the course in 52:54 setting a personal best and with room for improvement there too.

First run without some form of audio cue as no headphones allowed so I had no idea of what speed I was going, but it felt comfortable and a negative split too, finished strong.

This is my Runkeeper log from the day [url]http://runkeeper.com/user/AristoPJ/activity/94084513[/url]

The event itself seemed pretty well organised though I don’t have much to compare it to really. The course was nice and flat and the wind held off, just a bit of rain, not much, but a little, which I don’t mind anyway.

Sub 50 minute 10k is certainly a reality now, really looking forward to my 2nd 10k event next month now. Happy days.

Now to sit back, chill on the sofa, drink some beer, watch some footy 🙂

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