Isle of Wight Half Marathon – Tomorrow!

Race day is almost upon us and I’m feeling decidedly nervous about this, more so I guess as its my first ever half marathon.

The weather forecast for Sunday in Ryde is 26 deg, which I don’t like the look of, not a fan of heat. I’ve had a bad case of the squits all week so am pretty dehydrated, and to top it off work has been mental all week too so I’ve not been out for a run since Monday so I’m feeling totally unprepared.

I know I should be ok as I’ve been putting in the miles, but that element of doubt is now there due to the circumstances. Still having a dodgy tummy is a great concern as all this week it’s been sudden urgent dashes to the loo, what am I going to do if that happens mid race!

I’m probably worrying over nothing, pre-race jitters and all that.

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