It’s getting serious – I’m thinking about buying a Garmin!

I’ve been offered a barely used, boxed as new, Garmin Forerunner 310xt with HRM for £120 and am quite tempted to take the next step and move on from using an iPhone & Runkeeper.

It appears to be a very good deal, perhaps too good!

I’ve not seen it in the flesh as yet, I posted a wanted advert on my works bulletin board and got a call/email from a chap who saw my advert and has one. He’s not actively selling it by the sounds of it. I don’t feel as concerned about buying second hand in situations like this. I’ve bought a few things through the work bulletin board and picked up some right bargains.

I’ll message him back on Monday and go from there.

From the reviews I’ve been reading they seem to be a good all round unit.

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