Lying about marathon PB’s

There seems to be a spate of lies regarding marathon personal bests cropping up of late, what with Paul Ryan currently in the spot light for his race time claims!

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However, If you think that’s a lie, check out this web of deceit from a runner called Kip Litton, he makes Paul Ryan’s lie dwindle into insignificance when measured against the lengths he went to to falsify his marathon time claims!

Some mental people out there. Isn’t it just crazy, but it leaves me still with questions! How and why for instance! The lengths he went to are truly incredible.

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4 Responses to Lying about marathon PB’s

  1. Ivan says:

    Falsifying PBs appears to be a sign of mental illness. What would be the point? You know what you did, your the one striving to improve, why expend energy creating a false impression? And yet, I have played a 9 hole pitch and putt game against people who were falsifying their score cards. People who were nice, sane, well educated. What gives? Who cares? I can’t get my head around it.

    Having said all that.. There is a local hill climb route that is fiercely contested on Strava. I did concoct a plan to ride it on a motorbike, averaging about 17 mph, and getting the course record. Thankfully, I’m a sad man but not that sad!

    • PJ says:

      It’s insane isn’t it. I’m proud of every time I’ve clocked up running, good or bad. It’s all about pushing myself to new limits and bettering myself.

      That said, my boys don’t understand why I keep racing if I’m never going to win! They’ve got a “what’s the point if you don’t win” mentality, though they’re still proud of me (supposedly)!!

  2. Ivan says:

    Wow just read the Kip Litton story. That is dedication above and beyond the call of cheating duty. The point is made that surely it would have been less effort to simply have trained and run the races! He has a notoriety of sorts I guess.

    • PJ says:

      His story is totally insane, especially when you consider the fact that he even set up his own race. The effort he went to is astounding! Sad thing is that he’s a pretty decent runner by all accounts, but just doesn’t appear to get ‘running’, if you get my drift. He appears to be driven by all the wrong reasons.

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