Garmin 310XT with HRM

Well I picked up my new Garmin 310XT a few days back, it came with a speed/cadence sensor thing-a-me too to clip on to a bike to measure riding, seeing as it’s really a Triathletes watch it does everything. It’s practically brand new. I’m very happy with it.

I spent some time playing with it and updated the firmware on it today so everything is up to date and tickety-boo.

Only issue I’ve had is with the USB Ant stick not working on my laptop, works fine on my PC at work though, so some playing with the drivers needed there I reckon.

All I need to do is work out the best set up for the screens and get it just right šŸ™‚

I could have done with this a few days back for the Stansted Slog seeing as my RunKeeper went mental!

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