2012 Great South Run

Today’s the day and it looks bloody freezing outside my window this morning, at least the clocks have gone back and given me that extra hour. Really looking forward to getting going, not looking forward to the two hours of standing around beforehand. Not really a fan of big crowds and people invading my personal space, but with 25,000 runners taking part that’s what’s going to happen.

As with all my running events I run through the usual morning checks, then repeat them over and over again until it’s time to leave the house (early) to make sure we get there on time! I hate being late for anything. So I check my race number, I check that I have my chip, put it down, pick it up again, decide that I should attach it to my trainers now to prevent it getting lost, oh god which way round should I attach it? Black side up, orange side up, does it really matter? Let’s have a look through the magazine that arrived in the post and see if I can spot any other runners with theirs attached and see what they’ve done. Ah, the images aren’t very clear, sod it, orange side up it is!! I recheck my number, check all the details are filled out on the back, dig out some safety pins and attach it to my vest.

Race Number

It’s bloody cold am I just going to wear my vest or will I need a base layer too? Questions questions. I go and try on a base layer top and put my vest on over it and pose in front of the mirror. Hmmm, not too keen on that look, but it’s not a fashion show and it’s bloody cold outside!!

I have my breakfast, a breakfast of champions, marmalade on toast and a sports drink, gather the family up and recheck all my stuff again and we hit the road. We make good time until we reach Goals on the Eastern Road, this is where the queuing begins, but at least it’s well sign posted so we know why!

Stuck in traffic

Fortunately it didn’t take too long to get through this lot and get parked up and then make our way down to the start area on foot due to the road closures.

We got down to the pyramids to join a sea of runners milling around at the start. Rather surprisingly I bumped into an old friend just outside Pyramids, Graham Edwards, I’ve not seen him for a good 10 years since university though we are still linked up via Facebook. It was great to have a chat and a catch up with him before the off. I said my farewells and wished Graham all the best with his run and headed off to find my place at the start line of the White wave, ditch my coat and get prepared for the off!

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