Trail Shoes

Given that I’ve got some impending off road events I thought that I’d better pick up some trail shoes and get them bedded in sooner rather than later. What I really wanted was something that is good from door to trail, whether what I eventually bought is any good I’ll have to review that in a week or two.

I went out originally with the intention of buying some Adidas Kanadia 4’s as have read good things about them. Sadly the shop didn’t have any in my size so I tried on a variety of other options before having just two to choose from that ‘felt right’. It was a toss up between some Nike Alvard’s and very surprisingly some Karimoor Tempo’s.

Not one for being dazzled by brand names I made a choice purely on how they felt, price was not an issue as they were evenly matched on cost. I’m still surprised that I’ve bought a pair of Karimoor’s, just looking forward to getting out and trying them out now. They may just end up being binned after The Grim challenge, but I will give them a chance and see how they fair.

Watch this space for a review.

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