Gosport Half Marathon done – PB smashed!!

What a perfect day even if it did start off somewhat disorganised on my part. I stayed up late watching films, eating junk food, surfing the net, drinking coke last night when I should have been getting my kit ready for today’s Half Marathon. I should have probably also looked at the start time, registration time, directions, etc, but meh, what you gonna do!

I set the alarm for 7am to give us plenty of time to get over to Gosport for 9ish, no worries. I woke up at 5ish due to the bloody cat scratching and mewling at the door, had to get out of bed and launch my feline nemesis down the stairs, twice!!!** That was it then, I was doomed, I was awake from there on in, mind working overdrive, why did I run 8 miles off road the day before a half? will my kit that’s in the tumble be dry enough to wear? did I really put my Garmin on charge? have I filled out my race bib? where are the race instructions? Will I be able to get the whole family mobilised in time to leave the house for 8am?

Fortunately for me the majority of the answers to the above questions were positive, though my kit did have to spend some time on the radiators before I could attempt to put them on!! I managed to get everyone hurried along and out the door, in the car by 8:30, with me brandishing a scraper and attacking the ice!! Miraculously we were on the road on time and heading for Gosport. The journey was relatively painless and uneventful, the same can be said of the arrival, straight into the car park just down from race HQ. We timed it to perfection, the only hassle coming from a massive queue for the ticket machine to pay up, but even that wasn’t bad.

We then trudged up the hill to the HQ and I went and picked up my chip, attached it to my shoe, bish bosh, registration done! Silky smooth organisation there, couldn’t fault it in the slightest.

Results for Denmead Striders


There I am, 722nd overall out of 1567 finishers, 303rd in the Senior Male category and 13th Denmead Strider over the line in a time of 1:45:13. So so happy with that time.

** No cats were harmed during the build up to the race!!

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