Good evening Marathon Runner!

Latest update from the Portsmouth Marathon organisers!

Good evening Marathon Runner.

Please find attached the race info and details with regards to race number and timing chip collection.


After some heavy rain in the last few days and still a bit more to come it is clear that the ground will not firm up in time for sunday.

Therefore you must be aware that there will be some big puddles, lots of mud in places and some clay in one bit of beach. This will make for a quite challenging marathon, please be warned. The pavement and other areas are fine. I will keep you updated.

On using the coastal path i must ask you to not litter the area as you go along and as much as possible use the bins along the route. we will have some yellow bins a little way after each water station for you to use, but if they are full please leave neatly by the side.

Each water station will be full of goodies, water both bottled and cups. limited numbers on bottles. orange squash, shotz energy gels, jaffa cakes, chocolate, digestive biscuits and boubons, jelly babies mini and jelly beans, brandy, rum, mulled wine and some tea and coffee if you want to stop and chat if it is cold. Please be mindful of slower runners and remember to leave some for them and the return journey.

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