Portsmouth Coastal Waterside Marathon update (less than 2 days away)

With less than 2 days to go (1 day 16 hours by my reckoning) and us having some local flooding and a lot of rain I was glad to receive this email confirming that all is going ahead.

Good evening Marathon runner.

Having looked at the course today i can confirm the run will still go ahead on Sunday.

There are just a few Puddles ( loads ) The ground in the puddles is good and firm and we will mark out the beach at 2.2 miles so you can get a firm route through to the other side. Keep to the white posts, you should not get stuck in the mud them. More updates on this tomorrow.

We will set up the course tomorrow and report back if we find anything else important. Please be mindful of your own safety when you run and please be careful out there and look out for others.

Oh and another update!

Good Evening Everybody.

This will be my last update before race day on sunday. Today was course set up and what a stunning day it was out there today, even had to get the shades out as the sun was so bright.

There are a couple of puddles pretending to be lakes but otherwise all is looking good on route. The beach at just after 2 miles and on the way back must be treated with care, the clay bog has been fenced of so all is good.

The race expo opens tomorrow from 8.30am till 5pm at Alexandra Sports PO2 9BL for those of you who want to pick up your race numbers and timing chips before race day. Otherwise from the pyramid centre PO5 3ST from 7.30am on the morning of the Marathon.

There will be a bag drop within the pyramids near to race registration. You can get a shower at the pyramids by going to the front swimming pool entrance and all for a 50p cost.

Your race number is your food voucher at the end as well, go to the outside caterer and they will have your soup bread and mince pie for you. other refreshments will be available at extra cost.

All that remains for me to say is i hope you have a safe and rewarding run on sunday and look forward to welcoming you all back safe at the finish line.

Merry christmas everybody

Rob ( race organiser )

I picked up my Team JD shirt today as well so I’m really now as prepared as I’m ever likely to be. I have a gentle 15 minute session planned for tomorrow to stretch the legs and get the blood and muscle pumping and then that’s it until the off on Sunday morning. Fingers crossed it’s not going to rain, but I have a feeling the gods are not going to be kind, it will rain and it will be very windy too.

Roll on Sunday.

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