Goodbye 2012 – Hello 2013

2012 was quite a landmark year for me, I’ve taken on more and more challenges and come out on top. This applies to both work and play, but we won’t talk about work, that’s one of my New Years resolutions, to leave work at the office.

I’ve surprised myself over and over again with what can be achieved if I set my mind to it. If you’d said to me during January last year that I’d run a marathon, and do it in under four and a half hours before the year was through I’d have laughed at you.

March saw me enter my first running event of the year, the Sport Relief Mile. This coincided with me finishing the Couch 2 5k training program so I stuck myself down for 3 miles as I could just about manage that without stopping. I publicised this at work to get some sponsorship, due to a general lack of response there I announced I’d double my mileage if my sponsorship. This soon had the money rolling in as people love to see you suffer don’t they.

This really started it all, I did the 6 miles, well 6.5 due to miscounting the laps, in a little over an hour. I realised that I could run further than I thought possible if I set my mind to it. Buoyed by this result I started looking for other events to enter and upped my training. Up until this point I’d done everything on the treadmill in my garage due to being embarrassed about being seen running because of my weight. Running outside really changed it all too.

I then ran in a couple of 10k races, the D-Day 10k and the Wyvern 10k, both of which I completed in under an hour. I decided to push further and enter a couple of half marathons, the Isle of Wight and The Stansted Slog.


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