UltraMarathon Training Plan

I’ve been toying with the idea of going that step further now that I’ve got a marathon under my belt so next up the chain is the Ultramarathon. I’m currently investigating 50k races and what sort of training I will need to do to get myself there.

From the looks of things I will really need to get a handle on my nutritional needs and up the training a bit too. Here’s a sample plan below.

UltraMarathon Training Plan
This guide is to give someone starting out in UltraMarathon running a good base level of endurance. It is just a guide and we understand that this routine may not suit everyone so please adjust it accordingly to suit you. We understand that people have busy working lives during the week so we have suggested a modest daily run of between 5-10 miles to keep you fit and the long run on the Sunday will increase the miles in your legs.

Monday – 5 to 10 mile daily run

Tuesday – 5 mile at higher speed

Wednesday – 5 to 10 mile daily run

Thursday – Alternate aerobic exercise (between 1.5 hours and 2.5 hours)

(cycling,swimming,circuit training etc etc)

Friday – 5 – 10 miles daily run

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Long run- first 3 weeks 16 miles – then up the mileage every 2 weeks by 5 miles.

(Your Monday recovery run is important to loosen up the muscles which can feel tight and sore after a long run.)

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