2013 Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon

Another Sunday and another race, this time it’s a half marathon, so that’s 3 races on the trot through February, a 10k, a 21 miler and a half marathon. Today was a completely different atmosphere to last weeks Plod, it’s amazing the difference in weather from one week to the next. Today was a fantastic morning, very crisp , clear sky’s and lots of glorious sunshine! Possibly the first run I’ve done with sunglasses on this year and no need for a hat! I felt a little lost without my trusty hat, but I’m glad I left it behind as I would have really over heated had I been wearing it.

The run up to this race wasn’t great I’ll have to admit. After the Plod last Sunday I managed to go into work on the Monday, but felt so so rough and was suffering with DOMS in a big way. Tuesday and Wednesday I was floored, spent those two days in bed solidly, sleeping a lot suffering from hot/cold sweats! I’d developed a nasty cough and was bringing up lots of black/brown phlegm as well as being completely blocked up. Thursday I felt better but worked from home all day to keep warm. Not a single run between the Plod and today’s half.

So not really feeling prepared or that well if I’m honest, I rock up to the Plaza Suite in the Pyramids and collect my number at about 9:30am. So I’m number 582 for the next couple of hours then, cool. I return to the car and the expectant family waiting for me there. We chill out for a little while whilst filling out the back of my bib and getting it pinned into place on my charity top as I’m not running in my Denmead Striders club vest today.

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