I’m still trying to work out why I’ve gone out and blown a stack of cash on a Withings scale, but we are where we are!

So what is a Withings scale? Well it’s a visually attractive and very expensive set of wifi enabled scales that hooks up with a smart phone app or two!! Whilst it is expensive it totally satisfies my inner geek. Once set up with a Withings account and you’ve got the device hooked into your home wifi and linked to your smart phone, you step on the scales, it recognises who you are and automatically takes your weight and calculates your BMI and uploads that data. That data can then be displayed in a number of cool ways, cool if you like pretty graphs that is.

You can set up profiles for the whole household too. This enables you to keep track of everybody’s weight, height, BMI, heart rate and so on, if you so desire.

The Withings app that accompanies the scale can be linked up with apps like RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, Nike+ and so on. It is also a pedometer and can be used to take your heart rate. The idea is that it can collate all this data into one place and help motivate you to achieve your health and well being goals.

It’s total overkill for a replacement for a set of £9.99 Tesco Value scales, but it is cool if you like that sort if thing.

I’ve only had it a day so will revisit this review further on in the year. It will either be covered in dust, an expensive paperweight as it were, or it will be an integral part of this increasingly digital family, or possible somewhere in between (all bases covered!).

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