13 days


Where has the year gone, in just 13 days I’ll be taking part in the 25th Great South run, it will be my 4th time running it.

Year. Time. Position
2009 1:50:04 10358
2012 1:19:58 2716
2013 1:36:08 7879
2014 ?:??:?? ????

Fingers crossed it will be about the same as my 2013 time, but given my current fitness level I think it will probably be closer to my 2009 time.

I went out and did a hilly 8.5 miles yesterday which hurt a bit, but at least it was almost the distance. I had actually thought it was 10 miles and was a little disappointed when I found out it was only 8.5. Never mind as its all good mileage to get in my legs.


Rest day today and then back out tomorrow, that’s the one thing that’s made the run up to this years run hard, total lack of motivation. I wish I could get back to my 2012 mindset.

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