QE Spring marathon – race day is here

It’s Sunday morning, 5am and I’m awake and thinking about what sort of day I’m going to have. As I lie in bed it occurs to me that this is the most comfortable I’m going to be for the next 48 hours or so. Yes it’s marathon day and today’s marathon is a wee bit hilly.

Today’s jaunt is the QE Spring marathon, it’s described as “hilly/undulating”, those ever understated words not really summing up just how hilly it’s really going to be.


Run on two laps of the half marathon course within Queen Elizabeth Country Park and the adjoining Head Down Plantation. It will be well marked with signs and is almost entirely off-road on good quality forest trails.

It’s a local event, it’s only about 15 minutes away so I have time to chill before heading up there.
The race starts at 09:30 and give that a did the 21 torturous “hilly/undulating” miles of the Meon Valley Plod in 4 1/2 hours in Feb I’m guessing that this should take me about 5 1/2 hours, hopefully under 6! Also there are only 130 entrants, so my smallest ever race, providing me with a high likelihood of coming last, not that that even matters.

Time to get up, have some breakfast and get my gear together, I should probably double check the weather too to see how my day is going to pan out. Wish me luck!

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