Parkrun tourism – I might be getting obsessed…

So recently I started visiting different parkruns, mainly for a change of scenery, but having done a bit of reading on the subject it’s starting to turn into a bit of an obsession! 

I’ve discovered that if I visit 20, or more, I could possibly get onto a leaderboard!!! Pow!

So with that in mind, where to next? Those in bold have been done.

  1. Havant
  2. Queen Elizabeth
  3. Alice Holt
  4. Netley Abbey
  5. Cranleigh
  6. Lakeside
  7. Southsea
  8. Fareham
  9. Lee-on-the-Solent
  10. Chichester
  11. Bognor Regis
  12. Southampton
  13. Eastleigh
  14. Winchester
  15. IOW
  16. Rushmoor
  17. Frimley Lodge
  18. Brockenhurst
  19. Black Park (visit my sister)
  20. Winchester 
  21. Guildford
  22. Basingstoke
  23. Andover

I might have to play around with the order of these a bit, but I reckon most of these are easily achievable without having to get up too early on a Saturday morning!

Cranleigh this weekend I think!


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