1000 miles from home…

A few years ago I set myself a challenge to run 1000 miles over the course of the year and managed to complete it, that was in 2012. Since almost dying in the Meon Vally Plod in 2013 I’ve struggled with various niggles, injuries and pie related weight gain. However, since August 2015 I’ve been back in training and running in events to finally feel that I’m getting back on track again with my fitness. So, with that in mind, this year I decided to repeat the challenge.

I set myself a target back in January and have been tracking it ever since, apart from a two week total break from running  at the end of Feb (after the Meon Valley plod again!) due to being floored by flu, I’ve been chipping away at it steadily. It’s almost the end of April and I’m 40% done already.

It would be nice to smash my target this year but I don’t want to tempt fate too much by making any predictions!!

596 miles to go….which is the equivalent of running as the crow flies to Munich, Germany from Waterlooville.

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