This weekends parkrun tourism – Lakeside

Last weekend I didn’t attend a Parkrun due to running in the Wickham Whistler, that was the first one I’ve missed this year. It’s quite odd, it feels like I haven’t been in ages though that’s clearly not the case, it could just feel like that as I’ve not been to my home run in Havant for a few weeks now.

Last weekend saw the inaugural Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun which was a real shame to miss, so I will have to make do with visiting them for their 2nd event. This is the next closest run to me in my tourist list, a mere 9 miles away. I’m thinking do one near then one far on alternate weeks, filling in the gaps in my chart. 

The aptly named run starts adjacent to the Lakeside North Harbour business complex, near to a short-stay car park (free parking maybe?). It’s run along a flat gravel path which allows runners pleasant views of the lake and its surrounding wooded area. If the weather remains good, like its threatening to be, then this is going to be a lovely little run out. I’m really looking forward to it.

There’s facilities on site too, toilets at the coffee shop, though I think that’s a Starbucks so I may need to break my no Starbucks rule for a post run coffee. I think there is also a Subway and other retail outlets there too. It does look to be a great location for a parkrun, easy to get to, lots of parking, small retail outlets and toilets close to hand, woodland and lake to run around with tarmac/gravel paths to make it viable all year round for those odd people that don’t enjoy a bit of mud!!

Run report to follow Saturday.

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