This weekends been all about parkrun

It’s been a busy weekend this weekend with parkrun factoring highly in it. Inbetween lawn mowing, gardening and pub lunches I’ve attended 2 more parkruns this weekend, Portsmouth Lakeside and Waterlooville Junior parkrun. I’ve ran one and performed a volunteer role in both. I encouraged Josh to get out of bed before 8am on a Sunday and participate in his 6th run to date. I count that as a glowing success and it’s not even lunchtime yet.

My parkrun activities this weekend consist of another location ticked off the tourist list, a PB time and two different volunteer positions filled. Great weekend for me.

Josh had a bad leg this morning but still managed to get out of bed, a major accomplishment in itself, and have a go at the 2km regardless. Well done Josh! I’ll soon be dragging him along to the senior runs and help him work towards his 10 milestone tshirt.

I won’t be running at any parkrun next week as have a half marathon in Bewl to complete, however I am really hoping I can motivate Josh next Sunday to run again and I can go along and volunteer once more.

Right, time to stop procrastinating and get back in the garden to do some more mowing. 

“Get a place with a big back garden”, she said, “the kids will love it and help with gardening”…..

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