Commitment issues

I don’t often get anxious about participating in races, in fact I rarely ever  prepare my kit until the morning of the race! I find that having to get it all prepared on the day means that I won’t forget something and takes my mind off what’s coming. Also it drives the Mrs mad, so well worth doing.

What I am getting a bit concerned about though is that I’m over commiting myself this year marathon wise. I’ve gone a bit mad with the number of marathons I’ve entered given that before this year I’d only run one in 2012, run/walked a trekathon in 2015 and ran a 50k ultramarathon in 2015. 

I’m not exactly an experienced distance runner, yeah I’ve done a dozen or so half marathons, but they’re not really that far in the grand scheme of things. It’s quite easy to get carried away booking events up, is my ego writing cheques my body can’t cash?

Races entered

[14.05] Bewl water half marathon

[07.06] Goonies Run – timed multi lap

[18.06] South Downs marathon

[17.07] World Emoji Day – timed multi lap

[11.09] Bacchus marathon

[26.09] 401 challenge – run a marathon with Ben

[02.10] Pieces of Eight – 8 miles

[23.10] Great South Run – 10 miles

[18.12] Portsmouth Coastal marathon

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