Film my Run – Wickham Whistler

So the other weekend, as you may know if you’ve read my blog, I ran in an excellent event called the Wickham Whistler held by On the Whistle. The Wickham Whistler was a 6 hour timed event run on the beautiful old Meon Valley Railway line.

Whilst I was registering I spotted the arrival of a couple of familiar faces from YouTube videos I watch, Stephen Cousins of Film my Run and his mate Richard Schlovogt, who features in a lot of his videos.
Now if you’re not familiar with Stephens videos then you should really check out his website and videos, I first discovered his work from a tweet about the Meon Valley Plod, if I remember rightly, a few years back when he first launched Film my Run and I’ve been a fan of his work ever since.

Having seen a few (OK, it could be a lot more than a just a few) of Stephens YouTube videos it was nice to see him in the flesh at an event I was taking part in and share a few pleasantries. Better still is the fact that I pop up here and there in the brilliant footage he took at the Wickham Whistler. 

Check out his event video.

This is a great video that, for me, really sums up the spirit and the atmosphere of the event, as with all his films the soundtracks not too shabby either.

Not only are his films great, but he’s written up a good blog about the race too. You can also read his blog about it here.

Well worth checking out his back catalogue for events you are interested in attending that he may have already run in and documented, his videos are a really good representation of what you’re going to face.


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