5.30am…. This is the time of day when I tend to make either stupid purchases on eBay, enter things I really shouldn’t and generally make decisions about what I am going to do that coming weekend, these days it usually involves a parkrun. It is also predominantly the time I put my thoughts down in this blog. No one else in the house is ever awake at this time and I have peace and quiet to collect my thoughts before the morning alarm sequences start.

This morning is no different, this early morning alone time today hasn’t yet cost me any money and is looking likely to only cost me a bit of petrol money on Saturday. I can live with that. This morning I’ve spent thinking about what parkrun I can tick off the list this weekend.

Looking at my tourism list my thoughts are that I should focus on the top 20 in my chart as that’s what is going to get me on to the most events table. My thought process is that I should do the ones furthest away first and leave the close to home ones for those occasions when I may have something else to do on the Saturday so a nearby one would be best. It’s a solid bit of logic in my books.

So, currently number 20 on the list is Frimley Lodge. It should take me under an hour to get there and looks like a relatively straight forward journey. The course doesn’t initially sound too inspiring, running around a football pitch but it does however mention running alongside a canal. This conjours up two contrasting images in my head. It could be a beautiful picturesque canal with sunshine glimmering off the water and fresh clean air, nice, or it could possess a dank stench coming off murkey waters, a watery grave for shopping trolleys and used condoms, not nice. I don’t think canals are particularly like that these days, things have improved in some regards since my childhood!

Frimley Lodge it is then. Decision made.

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